Tulum Ruins Snorkeling

Boat tour at the Mayan ruins

We are a company with more than 15 years of experience made up of a professional team of captains and native fishermen.

We carry out snorkeling activities in boats taking care of the marine flora and fauna. We are part of government programming for the protection of the reef.

Our services have all the necessary equipment to guarantee an unforgettable adventure and provide maximum security.


Snorkel Tulum Beach


Tulum Ruins Snorkeling

. Online booking
. Private parking, not included
. Boarding point at Paraíso beach Tulum

1. Tulum Snorkel boat tour

Tulum Ruins Snorkeling

. Snorkeling with turtles
. Boat tour x Mayan ruins

. The tour lasts 1:20 hs
. Swimming equipment
. Price per person

. Ticket: 750 mx



2. Private Tulum Snorkeling

Tulum Ruins Snorkeling Tours

. Private service 1:20 hs
. From 1 to 8 passengers

. Boat ride through the ruins
. Reef Snorkeling Tour
. Can do tour without snorkel

. Whole boat: 4.500 mx


3. Private Tulum Snorkeling 2 Spots

Private Tulum Ruins Snorkeling tours

. Private service at 2:20 hs
. 2 spots for snorkeling

. From 1 to 8 passengers
. Boat ride through the ruins
. All Snorkeling equipment

. Whole boat: 7.500 mx